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The Liliana Chronicle

And Other Short Stories
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A Synonym for Murder

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The Liliana Chronicle

"angel erin"
from the liliana chronicle

"The twenty years that had followed their very first meeting, served only to reinforce what she had thought about him that night. She had never met another Demon, or even an Angel, like him. She confided in a few friends, and so did he. But they all said the same thing: It’s not right. It’s not meant to be. It’s unnatural. An abomination. So they called it off.


At least that was what everyone that they had told thought. So for twenty years, they hid in the darkness, stealing kisses in the shadows and being enemies in the day-light. For twenty years they loved in secret, and were apart in plain sight. For twenty years, they loved how they could. Never fully satisfying. Never like a real couple. Never able to hold hands in public or able to hug without looking over their shoulders.


They often questioned it - their being together. Couldn’t they just fall in love with one of their own? Were their friends, and everyone else, right? Angels and Demons could never really love the way nature intended them to. It was not right. It was a genetic flaw. It goes against the will of the universe. They deserved to be punished for all of eternity.


But it only served to make their love grow stronger. They always came back to the same conclusion - a love that felt so right, could never be wrong."

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About the Author

Travis has always wanted to be a writer and his love for writing
stemmed after reading the Harry Potter series. He started planning
books with his Primary School friend, and then again (more than
once) in Secondary School. These unfortunately, never came to be,
but instead resulted in hours upon hours of reading, writing and

Indeed, this compilation encompasses short stories that he has
written over time, one of which he had written during a particularly
trying time in secondary school. He then continued to write stories, a
few of which are very recent.

While in medical school, he released his first novel – A Synonym for
Murder – which he never let anybody read, and soon unpublished it.
This recent foray back into the writing world, is in hopes that others
will read his stories and like them too. So far, he has gotten positive
feedback on his work. Consequently, he is going to republish ASFM
and it will be available for reading again soon.

Travis, 25, is a  part-time writer, and someday wishes
to travel the globe.

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